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Welcome to Arkfin
where Ark meets Finance!

Arkfin is a combination of two words “Ark” and “Fin”. Ark word comes from Noah’s Ark which amplifies taking all together and “Leaving no one behind”. Fin amplifies the finance that stitches everything together. More than a company, we’re architects of financial legacies, led by Anil Sachidanand.

At Arkfin, we are more than just an investment and advisory Company – we are a collective team of 100+ seasoned professionals with a shared vision and a wealth of 1000+ years experience in BFSI, Real Estate and Insurance. Arkfin is a company with business of Investments and Advisory Services in the Financial Space across geographies. Arkfin stands as a beacon of excellence in lending, investment, and distribution space.

Our Services

Financial Advisory

We are expert in different financial services like Asset Growth Advisory, Fund Raise (Debt & Equity), Liability Management, Receivable Management

Insurance Advisory

Get expert insurance advice in terms of Primary & Secondary Research, Training & Development Services, Distribution Services, Product Guidance

Technical Advisory

We are proficient in Project Feasibility, Last mile funding support, Project Execution, Development Management Services

A Legacy of Excellence

The journey of Arkfin began from 2018 with few professionals coming together, walked on a path to build something extraordinary. With a resolute commitment to building financial inclusion and growth, we set our visions on India’s semi-urban and rural landscape. Our mission? To bridge the gap, empower the underserved, and drive prosperity through strategic financial solutions.

Visionary Leadership

Guided by the visionary leadership of Anil Sachidanand, Arkfin’s journey has been marked by significant milestones and transformative accomplishments. Anchored by our leadership team of industry professionals from diverse backgrounds – Housing Finance, NBFC, Banking, real estate, Technology, and Insurance distribution, – Arkfin boasts a unique blend of expertise that fuels our innovative approach.


Arkfin’s success story is etched with achievements that resonate across industries. We have demonstrated our prowess through successful investments and the business transformations that were once at crossroads. Among our notable feats, we have not only turned around a listed Housing Finance Company (HFC) but also breathed new life into three residential projects. Furthermore, our strategic insight enabled the operationalization of a rural insurance distribution business, which has profoundly impacted the financial landscape.

Join the Arkfin Journey

As we stand at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, experience and evolution, Arkfin invites you to join our journey. Whether you’re a partner, client, or collaborator, we can redefine possibilities, shape destinies, and carve a brighter future for businesses and individuals alike.

At Arkfin, we are not just about advisory and investments – we are about empowerment, transformation, and making a lasting impact. Welcome to a world where experience meets expertise and where possibilities are limitless.

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